Criterion 6
1Audit fille 2022 29-11-2022 Click Here
26.1.2 - The effective leadership is visible in various institutional practices such as decentralization and participative management 28-11-2022 Click Here
3The governance of the institution is reflective of and in tune with the vision and mission of the institution 6.1.1 26-11-2021 Click Here
4 The effective leadership is visible in various institutional practices such as decentralization and 6.1.2 26-11-2021 Click Here
5 The institutional Strategic / Perspective plan is effectively deployed 6.2.1 26-11-2021 Click Here
6The functioning of the institutional bodies is effective and efficient 6.2.2 26-11-2021 Click Here
7 Implementation of e-governance in areas of operation 6.2.3 26-11-2021 Click Here
8 The institution has effective welfare measures for teaching and non-teaching staff 6.3.1 26-11-2021 Click Here
9 Total number of teachers attending professional development Programmes 26-11-2021 Click Here
10 Institutions Performance Appraisal System for teaching and non-teaching staff 6.3.5 26-11-2021 Click Here
11 Institution conducts internal and external financial audits regularly 6.4.1 26-11-2021 Click Here
12Institutional strategies for mobilisation of funds and the optimal 6.4.3 26-11-2021 Click Here
13 Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) has contributed significantly for institutionalizing the 6.5.1 quality assurance strategies and processes 26-11-2021 Click Here
14 Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) 6.5.1 26-11-2021 Click Here
15The institution reviews its teaching learning process, 6.5.2 26-11-2021 Click Here
16 Quality assurance initiatives of the institution include: 6.5.3 26-11-2021 Click Here
17The feedback is analyzed, tabulated and Action In Taken for feedback 23-10-2021 Click Here
18Details of Funds / Grants received from of the nongovernment bodies, individuals, Philanthropers during the last five years 23-10-2021 Click Here
19The Action Taken Report of the institute, made for each year can be seen from the link 22-10-2021 Click Here